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Some environmental tidbits (links of interest) and general

information about CEEG activites and partnerships.  Are there

environmental topics that are of interest to you? We are planning

2016 programming - get involved, email us!


The CEEG organizes community seminars on a variety of environmental issues. Information from these presentations will be shared in the side bar. Check for notices of upcoming programs on FACEBOOK.


                              Spring 2016
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SEPTEMBER “Protect Our Pollinator” Series •	Halifax County organization grew milkweed plants from seed, then recruited community members to plant hundreds of these native plants forming habitat gardens for Monarch butterflies     •	Bee ecology lecture including current threats to bee health    •	Hummingbird migration tracking to learn more about  winter food supplies for hummingbirds in NC http://www.beekeepersofthealbemarle.com/ https://www.carolinabirdclub.org/misc/hummingbirds/winterhummingbirds.html https://www.learner.org/jnorth/monarch/ Information